About The Bastard Vulture

Hello there, everyone,

My name is William Penix, and there’s not much more than I can add from my first entry in this blog. I’m a recent graduate of The College of William & Mary with a major in Film & Media Studies. While I took a lot of classes regarding film theory, eras in film history, and cinema from around the globe, I was involved in the production of a student documentary as an editor and was a member of the Public Relations committee for the College’s Global Film Festival my senior year. In particular, I wrote the press releases for both the festival’s Fall Theme Launch Event and for the festival itself.

As far as other writing ventures are concerned, I was a contributor for the College’s newspaper The Flat Hat, writing film reviews for its blog Reel Talk while I was taking ‘brief’ hiatus from this blog. I began writing film reviews midway through the second semester of my junior year and continued until around the same period of my senior year, even writing a least once a week during the summer. And now in the immortal words of Futurama‘s Bender Rodriguez, “I’m back, baby.”

To go through some brief talking points about myself, I could say that I have a few loves in my life. First of all, I love music. I listen to just about anything from classical to Cattle Decapitation, I’m a vocalist/lyricist of a melodic hardcore punk band called Windforwings, and I simply can’t live without it. Like anybody else, I love great food, but I especially love great craft beer and whiskey/scotch/bourbon, as well. And while I do love both the Seahawks and the Canucks, my ultimate sporting love is reserved for these particular European football clubs: West Ham United (Come on, you Irons!) and SV Werder Bremen (Lebenslang Grün-Weiß!).

It would probably be moot point to proclaim I love all kinds of film, and I especially love writing about it, whether it be reviews, retrospectives, op-ed features, or anything else. I want to further my writing skills because, truth be told, I’m not really good at much else. Read my work, enjoy yourselves, and above all, watch great movies. Is there much more anyone can ask for?


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