This is the End (2013) Review

When December 21st, 2012 came to pass and the world had not ended like it was predicted by the Mayan calendar, we could chalk it up as another failed apocalypse prediction, like Y2K and every single failed prediction by religious officials about the Rapture.  At this point, the apocalypse has become a joke, something conspiracy […]

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Chronicle (2012) Review

Anybody who saw Sam Raimi’s Spiderman when it came out in 2002 would be hard-pressed to forget this line, spoken by Uncle Ben to Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility.”  This line rings true in just about any superhero movie.  These gifted protagonists feel a sense of duty that comes with their powers […]

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American Reunion (2012) Review

How do you guys view your high school years?  Were they your golden years, spending time with friends like they were your last minutes?  Or were you, perhaps, one of those people who were simply dreaming of getting out of town and making a new life at college?  Regardless of how you spent your time […]

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